• Bitter Kola

    Bitter Kola is a valuable source of phytochemicals, antioxidants, and essential nutrients that can support your well-being

  • Bitter kola

    Bitter kola is a potential antibiotic with many detoxification abilities. Chewing Bitter kola will prevent any infection or poison that might happen when you accidentally ate something contaminated by bacteria or poison.
    Bitter kola is used to flavour sodas and as a supplement to increase energy or improve health. Possible health benefits include boosting metabolism, aiding digestion, increasing circulation. The nut comes from ever green kola tree, which is found in the rainforest of Africa. Inside the tree’s star-shaped friuts are white shells, which contain the seeds or Bitter kola.


    Bitter kola

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  • Brazil Nut

    Brazil nut supports brain function.
    Improves your thyroid function
    Improves heart health.
    Helps u get good night rest
    It raises testosterone levels and aid fertility. it reduces inflammations.


    Brazil Nut

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  • Breadfruit (Ukwa)

    Ukwa is a very popular food in the Eastern part of Nigeria. African Breadfruit (Ukwa) is definitely of the popular foods in Nigeria.
    Ukwa species are rampant in the world and grows in different parts of the world bearing different names. Ukwa is such a versatile food with a natural delicious flavour, it can be cooked without any ingredients, not even salt and it will taste great especially when prepared fresh. It can be roasted and eaten with coconut or kernel, it can also be prepared as porridge


    Breadfruit (Ukwa)

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    Ginger tang is made with dried ginger and honey.

    it can be snacked on or brew in hot water to make tea.

    Great for immunity boost, respiratory issues, cold, fever, fatigue and more….

  • Honey Ginger Candy

    This is formulation of dehydrated grated Ginger mix with Honey.


    Honey Ginger Candy

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  • Prekese

    Prekese is a native of west tropical Africa and belongs to the family pea family. The fruits of the plant have a pungent aromatic odor,which also possesses insect repellent properties. It is primarily used as spices. It is used as a medicinal plant mainly in Nigeria and other African countries.
    Prekese is a rich source of antioxidants with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and photochemical. It also does have anti-inflammatory properties. It’s leaves, bark and above all, fruits contains medicinal properties. Prekese can be added to your food to infuse and add a wonderful aromatic fragrance to your meal.



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  • Pumpkin seed

    It improves prostate and bladder health
    Boost your immunity
    Lowers high blood sugar levels.
    For heart health.
    May improve sperm quality.


    Pumpkin seed

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  • RUBA Bitter Kola

    Bitter kola is mostly  found in Central and Western Africa. Bitter Kola has long been priced for its medicinal properties. Although traditional African medicine uses all parts of the Bitter Kola plant, the nuts are mostly commonly eaten.

    Some people chew the nut as an aphrodisiac; others use it to support the treatment of  cough, dysentery, or chest colds,etc.

    Bitter kola nuts have a sharp, bitter flavour that eases into a slight sweetness as you chew, and they’re typically eaten raw or dry


    RUBA Bitter Kola

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    Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. It is ivory in color when raw and commonly dyed yellow with borututu root or palm oil. It is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer, salve or lotion.



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